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'gotta love mornings.


 So it would really be nice to take a month-long beach vacation.




It's amazing that you can be stupid so many times over- and over the same thing.

It's amazing that you can ask God to answer a question that you've been asking- and, the moment you get back home- the answer's there, waiting for you.



Better people

 i have met them, and they are people better than me in every way. how do you compete?

you don't. you stay where you are and be yourself, not what others say you should be.

i dreamed of...

... a train wreck. lots of train wrecks, actually. on one track. hmn.


 we make assumptions so that we can take away the tedium looking for other factors which may affect our equations. we make assumptions so that we can decide a course of action and not worry about wasting time to find out how other factors or actors are doing.

maybe, just maybe, we should take time to drop our assumptions and ascribe good faith to most everyone. (and have our own tiny worlds shatter as a result.) 


Dear Lavender,

The cold. Yeah, I Hope it lasts. It's such a nice climate_ just the right temperature.

Your diploma! I'm not surprised that you got yours after so many years. I haven't even gotten mine yet. Think I could still get My Econ diploma after_ twelve years?

Twelve years. Ogod, it's been That long.

I haven't seen the new Registrar's office yet. Is that the one across HE? Looks like a big warehouse? Ü

Yup, they're fixing UP. In line with the Centennial. They still haven't stopped renovating and building. I'm just glad we got out before the tuition rose. But I'll be back. I'll get a Masters in Econ. Maybe next year.

Re the Starbucks planners_ do you Use them or do you just collect them? Is it true that I can buy one?

I saw the pictures you posted. Ogod- you're pregnant! Ogod_ you're actually married! Wow. It hasn't been that long since we just graduated- hasn't it? Wow....

An ultrasound. Haha. Yes, a friend showed me an ultrasound of their baby. It looks like a small blob, really. When he was pointing the limbs out, I thought he was just faking knowhow. I mean, it's just a blob, haha.

But I'm constantly amazed at the (good) effect kids have on their parents
(my friends). I'll have one someday, I know....

Inkdeath. I'll look it up.

Keep in touch.




Dear Lavender,

I think I missed one of your letters. Haha.

Oi, long time no hear nga. Hehe. Kamusta kayo?

The Starbucks Planner. I haven't seen it. I haven't been a Starbucks person lately.... Though I have heard other people say that it was ugly and wasn't worth the effort to get one. 

To think that I was a Starbucks habitue when the franchise first got here. But when people started to go to it to_ gab (make chismis), I realized that I couldn't afford to lose my peace and quiet so I just up and left it for_ McDonald's, I think. I used to frequent Starbucks to read. Nothing but. But it was_ annoying having to read while all around you there are gasps of, "Ows? Ba't ka iniwan, eh ang pangitpangit nu'ng guy?" or, "Pare, nabasted ako, pare, cheers."

And_ I don't have a Starbucks planner, not a one. It's thievery, how they con you into ordering drinks just to get a "free" planner. It wasn't worth it. I'd rather buy a new phone. (Which I do. Haha.)

Next. Uy, ang baby, malapit na.    =)

I wouldn't know, really, if what you're experiencing is normal for a firsttime mother. It probably is, considering that it'sboth a blessing and a burden to have to conceive and carry a baby. I'm just glad that I don't haveto.... Hehe. Peace.   =)

Uy, pero_ will you post pictures of him ba? Puwede na ba'siyang i_ultrasound?

Gotta love QC, 'no? Malakas ang hangin; malamig- lalo tuwing hapon. Sometimes, I just go home in the afternoons just to read, while the wind blows. (The office is a ten-minute drive from the house.) You never know when this part of the world will heat up again. (I hope the weather stay this way here forever....)

Speaking of going home_ no, I'm not being a workaholic na.   =)   One of the issues I resolved during the break. I was_ confused for a time, especially last December. I couldn't understand what it was I was working late nights for. Then I decided to take it easy. I'm_ I feel happier for that decision.   =)   I don't need the extra money, anyway. i don't have a family, etcetera, etcetera.

Ay, and thanks for recommending Dark Materials. I loved it. Much.  =)

Benjamin Button. HolyCrapBatman_ Wow. Best movie writing I've seen/ heard in a looong while. Seeing it is like reading a book_ if that makes any sense. (You have to see it.) Screenplay is by Eric Roth, who also wrote, among others, Forrest Gump, Ali, The Insider, and Munich. Goodgood_ excellent writing. No one could have written the movie better.

I'm heaping praises on it, ha, even while_ I was ready to skip the movie altogether because of Brad. I'm glad I didn't. Five stars!   =)        *****

So. Davao? Hmn.

 So apparently, there're rumored moves to oust Chief Justice Puno out of the Supreme Court.

Add a pinch of governmentofficialswon'tdeclareofficiallythatitdoesn'tintendtostayafter2010 and-

- a whole lot of spice and suspicion.

Of course, how do we react to this but with- what else- blatant disregard.

Since we're all unwilling to show any outrage at any issue, maybe we should all just pack up and leave, yeah?



The trilogy (Northern Lights/ The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass) deals with a fate which befell two twelve year-olds, Lyra and Will. Lyra is from a parallel dimension; Will is from here. As the story progresses, much is said about the power wielded by organized religion (the Chruch/ the Authority) and waging a war against its stranglehold by challenging "god". The trilogy climaxes with the loss of innocence of these two children.

The book deals with parallel universes, witches, armored bears, and daemons but (it's) not strictly a children's book (caveat: I've only seenThe Golden Compass, not read it. Yet.) because of the subject of the book (a retelling of Paradise Lost)- or maybe it Is, but as Lyra and Will age, so does the subject matter (with its readers, probably). With each turn of the page; with each installment of the book.

Northern Lights won the Carnegie Medal (outstanding book for children and young adult readers) in 1996- and was voted the best of all the Carnegie winners ("the Carnegie of Carnegies"*) throughout its 70year history. The Amber Spyglass won the Whitbread (2001) award (an adult book award, one voted on by the writer's peers**) and was shortlisted for the Booker.

Very wonderful reading.

* From the interviews in Disc 2 of the DVD of The Golden Compass. The poll was conducted in 2007. (To be verified.)
** From the same interviews_... condensed- paraphrased.




The film's synopsis from nausicaa.net (image is also from the same URL)-

Nausicaä, the princess of a small nation, lives in a world devastated by a holocaust called the "Seven Days of Fire". She tries to stop other warring nations from destroying themselves and from destroying the only means by which their world can be saved from the spread of polluted wastelands.

Miyazaki is a frikkin' genius.

One of my favorite movies of All Time.

Haha. How glib.

Nausicaa was ahead of its time in environmental issues. You can still show the film today and it would still be relevant. Why can't we make thoughtful, smart, heartfelt movies such as this these days? Sigh.